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Surgery update

Morning! Today marks 2 weeks since my most recent surgery. Dr. Lee shared that the tumor was deep in my right pelvis (which is why it was missed the first surgery). It was buried between two veins and took some work to remove but he got it. Still waiting on the biopsy results. To be honest, i think they will be benign as i believe this once active tumor was now dead from the chemo. Often times they will come back to life after being dormant for awhile. Nope - get it out! Not sure when i am supposed to celebrate feeling or being NED (no evidence of disease).

Healing has been easier this round as i knew what to expect i suppose. I push myself but just enough as i don't want to overdue it but need to keep moving. A few days ago i was putting labels on soap in my kitchen and it made me proud. I have to keep moving! That being said, today is a rest day. Yesterday was the first day i have left the house since being home. It was Easter Sunday and we went to church - duh! My right leg is super sore this time. I've got a nice limp going and hope this is not a permanent strut.

People ask me how i am doing and the best answer right now is: It's not easy but i'm doing it. Were all so over it. My house becomes a disaster as i can't bend, twist, lift, etc to clean or pick up. I hurt! It's not fun to try and get your body to work again. My digestive track is a mess. My nerves are destroyed and my body is numb in certain places. BUT, chemo sucks and i would take this anyday. Cheers to fast recovery so i can celebrate my best friends birthday in Mexico in a few weeks!

As always, thanks for the continued support and love. I truly mean it. I appreciate you listening to my rants and continuing to pray for us. - Cass

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Diane Dean
Diane Dean
Apr 10, 2023

We are sending you all big big hugs and continue to pray. Kenz and I are hoping you will make it out to the lake for a visit this summer! Keep it up girl, You are truly an amazing presence! With strength, fortitude and an inspiration to us all. We are fighting with you in prayer from where ever we are!


Apr 10, 2023

You are such an inspiration to all of us. Your positive light to every situation faced, your strength, and you have taken full charge of this. Makes us truly appreciate what really matters in life, LIVING and that the simplest things mean the most.

I love ya girl! A huge shout out to your amazing husband for being your rock through all this. We are all learning from you!


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