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Back in March of 2020 Cass started to have pain in her pelvic area.  Her uterus was rapidly growing resulting in a hysterectomy in July of 2020.  Her uterus at the time of surgery had grown 9x larger than the normal size. Pathology reviewed and returned results with her mass as benign.  Within 6 months she was having recurrent pain in her pelvic region and testing began.  After several different tests over the next few weeks and the finding of lesions they scheduled the MRI in late May.  MRI results showed 2 solid masses in June of 2021 and a biopsy was scheduled.   Within a couple of weeks and results reviewed by St. Charles and OHSU, on Friday June 25th Cassidy was diagnosed with Stage 4 Leiomyosarcoma (LMS), a very rare and aggressive cancer. Updates will be posted along with ways you can help when it is needed.  Until then, we ask for your thoughts, prayers or whatever your custom is for her.  There is one thing we do know, Cass will not fight alone!!

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Round 5 is going good

They decided to give me steroids with every infusion going forward to reduce the side effects. It’s helped tremendously! Today was my 2nd...

Scan day tomorrow (oct 27th) 😬😬😬

Harper and I are hitting the road at 2 pm today (she has a Halloween party at school we don’t want to miss) as my 2nd CT scan is...

Round 4 this week - updated

Chilling in our trailer in the rainy NW this week. Monday was chemo and trial drug day. Trial drug gave me some intense low back pain so...

9 years married today!

Happy anniversary to my one and only, always and forever! You are my security & comfort and I could not be doing this without you by my...

Round 3 this week.

Today was day 2 of 3 and going really well. My body is responding much better to the trial drug with less side effects. Chemo on the...

Treatment is working!!!❤️🤞😬

CT results are in and from what I can interpret, the tumors have not spread beyond uterus and abdomen. They also appear to have shrunk a...

Need I say more?!

Well...Cass is either going to love me or hate me but I'm taking my chances! Cass is our warrior!! Love you Cass!! Meg

Update of the past week and now.

Morning my tribe!! last week I completed round two of chemo along with the clinical trial drug. I was able to take the full dose this...


My eyes are filled with tears as another wave of support showed up in the mailbox! I can’t thank you all enough. Seeing the sweet cards...


Nothing crazy to report this week. One more dose of IV antibiotics tonight then done:) This week was the first time It‘s been just Harper...

Infection is doing great!

Blood cultures came back and no infection in the blood….yay!! Port removal wound is healing great. I was taken off of IV antibiotics for...

Infection update

Blood cultures were collected and it was determined by the infectious disease team that I need IV antibiotics for 2 weeks 3 times a...

8/16 update

Morning! sitting in the doc office now and thought I would share the latest. Labs are looking good and today is the first day I am...

Week One Complete

Update From Chris: There have been many challenges, but nothing we haven't overcome. Reactions to trial drug, delays, 12+ hour days,...

Off to Seattle

Cassidy has been selected for the clinical trial that will last 4 1/2 months at the Seattle Sarcoma Center. Treatment began on Monday...

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